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Chalk N More’s mission is to provide quality products and exemplary service to students, teachers, parents, and ANYONE who knows LEARNING IS FUN!

Chalk N More has been a valuable resource in Fredericksburg for teachers and families, however, after COVID-19 and the closing of most educational stores in the DMV area, Chalk N More was able to survive the pandemic and serve the DMV area.


We are honored to have supporters drive from all over the DMV to shop and request our services. It is not unheard of for customers to drive or shop over the phone all the way from North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee to shop at Chalk N More for our rare educational tools and games!

Roderick & Tracee Fisher - Chalk N More

Roderick and Tracee Fisher, both veterans purchased Chalk N More in 2019, closed, relocated, and reopened in July of 2019, only to be shut down in January of 2020 due to COVID-19. Roderick and Tracee saw a need for educational support during the closure of the country and regrouped and started offering Facetime shopping and delivery service to the DMV area. Mr. Fisher is a IT specialists by day and he uses his educational background to provide support and resources to all interested. Mrs. Fisher currently completing her doctorial degree in education has over 20 years educational teaching, coaching and consulting and currently works for the DoD. 


The world took a hit with COVID-19; however, the Fishers have tried to do as much as they can to ensure our students don’t take a hit due to COVID-19. Since re-opening in June of 2021, they have been overwhelmed by the warm and welcoming response of the community.  They are continuing the tradition of offering valuable teacher resources, but are also expanding other areas of the store, such as special needs items, foreign language products, home school resources, Christian materials, arts/crafts, workbooks, toys and learning materials for learners from birth to adult.

Chalk N More
Chalk N More

As parents, educators, and students, Chalk N More employees understand your passion for learning and playing. We know teachers want their students to excel, so we are committed to providing resources for your classroom and curriculum needs that allow students to learn in new and engaging ways. We carry items for families to strengthen skills and foster learning, but we also know the importance of making learning fun!

Chalk N More also carries special needs merchandise, such as fidgets, sensory products, visual aids, adaptive items, and more. Children have different strengths and needs, so we will strive to be your number one resource for learning and playing!

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